My name is Dwight Hill, a writer and editor for hire currently based in Richmond, VA. After an unceremonious departure from government work in 2012, I started putting my skills to use as a freelancer, working on everything from blog posts to educational guides, and even dipping my toes in the fiction pool a few times along the way. My clients have included tech companies, health & wellness brands, and music education services (among a number of other industries), and I've worked as a contributor for sites like CBRTechVoidDapper Confidential, and Revision Path in the past. You can get an idea of my writing style by checking out my condensed portfolios on ClearVoice and Contently, or taking a look at my blog, where I delve into the topics that interest me (like writing and music).


Writing & Editing Services


If you have an idea but need the touch of a skilled writer/editor to bring it to fruition, I offer a range of writing and editing services to both individuals and businesses, these include:


Copy Writing/Editing: Be it social media, websites, email campaigns, or something a little out of the ordinary, I can aid you in composing a variety of advertising and promotional material (helping to improve your brand awareness and getting your audience to take action) or make an assessment of what you already have, fine-tuning it for tone of voice, and other details so that your message is clear.


Content Writing/Editing: Content writing encompasses materials that are more educational, informative, or entertaining in nature, and can include blog posts, guides, and more. I can assist you in creating content that captures your audience's attention and strengthens the connection between your brand and your readers.


Script Writing/Editing: A good story needs a good script; I can help you nail down characters, narrative structure, dialogue, and all the other elements you'll need to tell your tale.


Proofreading: Perhaps you don't need in-depth changes, and just need to make sure that final draft is precise and consistent in its grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. I'm here to help, and can give your content the once-over to ensure it's error free and ready to roll.