Looking for your new music coach? Need to hire a skilled composer to write some songs? I'm a veteran performer, instructor, and songwriter with more than 20 years experience with voice, piano, bass, drums, and guitar. I’ve played around the country as both a solo act and with a range of equally talented cohorts. From big bands to rock trios (and even a stint as a lounge singer), my experiences run the gamut, and I draw from them all to inject the perspective of a veteran performer who understands what it takes to be a gigging musician into his lessons.


My overall teaching philosophy emphasizes technical mastery of the instrument, strong music reading/theory, and a hearty dose of creativity and improvisation to turn you into a well rounded player. During lessons, we will go over the fundamentals of what make a strong musician. By learning the rudiments first, each of my students is able to develop a strong bedrock upon which a personal playing style can be built. In addition to note-reading, technique drills, and timing exercises, we will also learn popular songs that reinforce each of the lessons covered, so that you can see the application of every new concept we encounter.


You can get a general idea of my "sound" by checking out a few songs I've composed, and get a head-start on your musical tutelage by reading up on a few of the guitar chord guides and training material I've written around the web. I'm for hire, so drop me a line and let's talk music, shall we?

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